The "everything" bagel of UTV audio. The amp plate mounts to the subframe crossbar under the dash. The company claims it … Fully potted and completely waterproof circuit board lets you know a little water can't hurt them. You’ll notice that the kit comes with two amplifier plates. $55.49. Now reinstall the upper dash. Turbocharge your riding experience with 168 HP and a 64” stance. There's no wiring behind it. Mounting area is 16.25" by 9.5". With a 72” stance, 168 HP and 32” tires, devour whoops, dunes and desert like no other. ⇒ Details & Images. Now for orientation the Rockford Fosgate logo on the amp should be oriented in the same direction as the diamond “R” logo on the amp plate. The big one is for 2014 - 2018 RZRS. We make it simple to get all the install parts all in one place. Once done, route the speaker harnesses to the lower pocket and zip tie them in place. Use an Exacto knife to score through the rubber to make way for cables. Now that the amplifier is installed, It’s time to tune it. We recommend mounting a pair behind the seats and a pair off of the a-pillars to achieve the … First remove the power plug because the main power harness already has one supplied on it. Connect Rockford’s enclosure wires to the open terminals of the subwoofer. Only one amplifier is required for both door speaker kits. Built-in 12 db/octave high-pass crossover at 60 Hz for great sound. Built-in 12 db/octave high-pass crossover at 60 Hz for great sound. You'll notice that the model supplied in this kit has two sets of terminals. Simply bolt in the pre-installed speakers and pre-tuned amplifier with the included vehicle specific plug & play wiring harness. Purpose built to dominate challenging trails and rock. RZR-STAGE3 kit $1699.99. Insert the threaded standoff to replace the factory bolt. All of the speaker connections are going to happen at the amp output directly. Then use the threaded screw to secure the enclosure to the side of the RZR. GoHawk ATN4 All-in-One Built-in Amplifier 5" Full Range Waterproof Bluetooth ATV RZR UTV Stereo Speakers Audio Amp System,1.5 to 2" Roll-cage Bar Mount Yamaha Polaris 4 Wheeler Can-Am, FM Radio & USB 3.6 out of 5 stars 165 You'll notice these are keyed so you can't mix polarity. On Sale. Polaris RZR XP Turbo S and XP Turbo Dynamix 2019+ 2/4 Seater 2 speaker system. When pulling the harness through, leave enough slack for any connections that need to be made. On Sale. 5618 Poe Avenue Dayton Dayton, OH 45414 Reattach all of the harnesses, reconnect the battery, and test the system. When pulling the panel off, be careful of the metal clips, so you don’t scratch the dash. RZR Stage 1 - Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 and a Door Kit to mount it where the dry storage bin is under your dash RZR Stage 2 - Rockford Fosgate PMX-2, Door Kit and Two Speakers w/ Speaker Pods (No Amp) RZR Stage 3 - Rockford Fosgate PMX-2, Door Kit, Two Speakers w/ Speaker Pods, 10" Subwoofer with Box and Two Amps (1 For Speakers & 1 For Subwoofers) The big one is for 2014 - 2018 RZRS. Free shipping. Designed for the Polaris RZR PRO XP’s, the PCS-64-PRO the switch harness has 6 Rocker Switch Positions in a row that mount in the center dash. The ultimate 60" trail machine with 100 HP. Use the jumper wire to connect both voice coils together to get it properly configured. RZR® dash mount included (mounts easily behind speedo under dash). The dash assembly is held in place with two t40 screws. Find the perfect device mount for your car, motorcycle, plane, & more. First connect the positive and negative wires to the speaker terminals. Using the supplied hardware and included Allen bit use the number one holes in those lower speaker pods to secure the speakers. Will not fit the RZR S or 2019 and newer RZRs. No soldering, no cutting, no crimping! Reverse Trigger $60.00 $65.00. • This amplifier is a TDA-based full range class D amplifier with fixed connections for power, ground and turn-on and Delphi connectors for speaker. Use the two supplied screws to secure the enclosure to the floorboard. The first thing to do when you’re up under the dash is grab the radio output harness and amplifier output harness. The wiring harness is long enough to accommodate four-seat RZRs. 3565 Urbana Rd Springfield, OH 45502 (Phone number not ... Armor Self-Storage. This Audio Amplifier is required with Front (2881989) and Rear (2883116) Door Speakers (sold separately). Start with the fuse in and run it down the radiator compartment next to that terminal block. To get started, remove the factory gromit. Built for younger riders to discover and explore the off road. Dominate any terrain with the industry’s best selling performance SxS. Our customer service team is here to help. In two seats RZRs loop the excess cable in the battery storage compartment. Now be sure to avoid the driveline or any radiator tubing. Polaris PRO Switch System Power Harness Configurations. 2,260.00. The best Polaris RZR accessories will help any off-roader get the most from their rig. 5194,5195,5196,5197,5198,5200,5201,5203,5204,5208,5209,5210,5212,5213,5214,5215,5216,5217,5218,5219,5220,5221,5222,5223,5224,5225,5226,5227,5228,5229,5230,5231,5234,5235,5241,5242,5243,5244,5246,5247,5248,5249,5251,5253,5254,5257,5258,5260,5262,5265,5266,5270,5273,5274,6981,6983,6984,6986,6992,6993,6996,6998,6999,7003,7004,7006,7007,7011,280445,280446,280447,280448,286914,286915,286916,286920,286922,300372,300374,300375,300376,310787,311214,311215,313887,314388,314389,314390,314392,314393,314394,314397,314398,314400,314402,314403,314407,314412,314413,314414,314415,314416,314422,314423,314424,314425,314431,314433,314435,314437,314521,341684,343258,349247,349248,349249,349250,349251,349254,349255,349256,349260,349264,349266,349267,349268,349269,349272,349279,349283,349285,349286,349288,349289,349292,349296,349297,349300,349302,349304,349306,349307,349309,349311,349315,349317,349321,349324,359807,359808,365867,365876,365925,365938,377451,377453,377454,377455,377458,377460,377461,377463,377474,377475,377476,377477,377478,377484,377485,377493,377494,377496,377497,377499,377502,377504,377505,377520,377522,377527,378362,378364,378366,378367,378369,378370,398761,398762,398763,398764,398766,398895,411161,411164,411166,411167,411169,411171,411173,411175,411177,411189,411191,411193,411195,411197,411215,411218,411221,411226,411231,411270,411272,411766,411768,411771,411772,411773,411775,411789,411790,438970,438973,465494,465496,465498,465502,465503,465504,465583,465584, Off-Road Audio - Bluetooth® Audio Remote by MB Quart®, RIDE COMMAND™ Audio Adapter by Polaris®, You must select your fitment vehicle before adding to cart, 2018 RZR® XP  4 Turbo EPS Dynamix Edition, 2017 RZR XP® 4 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition. (Figure D) 2. $48.99. We have high-quality UTV Sound System Audio Packages to make your ride rock and even more enjoyable! The amp plate mounts to the subframe crossbar under the dash. Designed for the Polaris RZR Turbo S, the PCS-64-TSX switch harness has 4 rocker switches that mount in the center dash, along with two more that mount left of the steering wheel. Everything in one box. Once it's wired load the subwoofer end of the enclosure and align it with the proper mounting holes. we have our own mounting plate to make adding a amp under dash simple and clean looking. One is for the side subframe and the other is for the wiring harness. Then plug in Rockford’s signal inputs on the driver side. Take the end of the harness with the ring terminals and, from the inside, route them up through the factory gromit to the accessory wiring panel. It's also lighter than its predecessor. Copyright © 2018-2021 UTV Source. Waterproof speaker connections wire directly to Polaris® Door Speakers (sold separately). MUD100.2 200W RMS 2-channel amplifier for tower speakers (see features below) MUD65PL 6.5 inch 50W RMS 4 Ohm cage mount coaxial speakers (see features below) PS1K-10 Amplifier Kit - includes wire, fuse, fuse holder and fittings required to connect amplifier to electrical system Interconnects - includes cable to connect source to amplifier Now get ready to install the amplifier kit. Our experts explain a variety of topics, from vehicle care to riding tips. ** Full Plug-&-Play Kit for Polaris RZR XP1000 2014-2018 with Ride Command ** Everything in one box. Performance engineered to devour the most challenging mud holes. The RZRPOD65 are the best solution for adding speakers to your Polaris RZR. Adding a set of 6-1/2" rear speakers makes this system awesome. The most powerful and capable 50" trail machine. If you like a sealed box for a tighter bass response or will be submerging the Razr at any point, Rockford has included the port cap that can be secured into place. The enclosure replaces your glove box, so you can reuse two main bolts that attach it. You'll notice these have channels built into them. Customize your own RZR® with accessories & packages, Heavy duty upgrade options for your replacement parts. The first thing to do is use a 10 millimeter socket to remove the lower pocket bracket. Do it like the pros. With a 72” stance, 168 HP and 32” tires, this 4-seater devours whoops, dunes and desert like no other. Power meets precision with the industry’s only single-seater. Start by removing the seats and disconnecting the battery. These all weather custom fit speaker pods mount to the vehicle's roll cage and are contoured to fit perfectly in the OEM dash. Stage 4. Height clearance is from 2.5 at the fire wall to 3.75 at the dash. MTX Audio Bluetooth Controller+Tower Speakers+2-Channel Amp for Polaris RZR 613815888314 | eBay This terminal strip is just a simple distribution block. Didn't see what you needed? Secure it in place using the supplied hardware and allen bit. Laser cut, aluminum mounting plate for a stereo amplifier, electrical relays, or anything else you don't want bouncing around under you RZR dash. Using the supplied hardware use Rockfrod’s two and a half millimeter allen wrench to secure the amp to the amp plate. Polaris RZR Ride Command Harness with REGULATED! Once that's done use the included ball head Allen and secure the enclosure to the bottom floorboard using the supplied hardware. Let’s get ready to disassemble the rest of the vehicle. Take your sound to the next level with an Audio Amplifier. Go ahead and remove the center tunnel and back access door by removing the three t40 screws and the four pushpins using the Rockford Fosgate removal tool. Shop final clearance. Introducing a new class of 4-seat performance and capability (64”). Remove the hood and upper dash assembly. The front outputs go to the front left and right speakers. The small one is for 2019 and newer RZRs. 1.acket mounts to existing factory points in the middle of the dash directly behind upper pocket or The br Ride Command display if equipped. Red goes to the positive and black goes to negative. Therefore the 1st rocker switch would be the large 30 amp grey wire, and then so on and so forth. All Rights Reserved. Turbocharge your 4-seat riding experience with 168 HP. The small one is for 2019 and newer RZRs. On Sale. RZR 7075 Capped Billet Rear Knuckle Set (Bearing Carrier) from 1,250.00. sale. Follow the factory wiring down to the center tunnel. Then using a 15 millimeter socket and wrench loosen the two steering column bolts that will be used to sandwich the plate into place. They come with swivel mounts that allow you to mount that at any angle. Which is easy, safe and fast, with high reliability. 7075 RZR Front Double Shear Capped Knuckle Set. $45.07. He installed a Stage 3 kit on Polaris 1000 XP High Lifter Edition. You can run the front and the rear RZR door speakers from a single RZR Dash Amplifier. Polaris RZR dash mount included (mounts easily behind speedometer under dash) Other Specifications. Stage 3 adds a 300-watt speaker amp, a 10" sub and enclosure, and a 300- watt sub amp, plus mounting plates for the amps. 300 Watt two channel full range class D amplifier & mount brings 2 x 125 watts at 4 Ohm and 2 x 150 watts at 2 Ohm. Ease Of Installation. Go ahead and disconnect all the harnesses making a note of where each harness connects. Includes enclosures and a … AudioFormz MM Multi-Mount Series 800.2 2x400 RMS 2 channel digital amplifier powers two to four speakers or bridged subwoofer (960 RMS watts bridged) Add up to three (3) amps to power stereo top speakers or power optional tower speakers or external mounted subwoofers with dedicated wiring from top Home > Shop > RZR TURBO S Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 30 per page 60 per … Polaris® RZR® single amplifier mount for all RZR® model years, designed to work on NA2 amplifiers. 60” design takes trail ride and handling to the next level. Now get ready to route the Rockford Fosgate power and speaker connectors back through the factory gromit. Designed for 2-seat and 4-seat RZR models. Then the power connector and speaker outputs on the passenger side. RZR-AMPD19 Dual Amplifier Mount: Dual amplifier mount for 19-current RZR® model years. Now get ready to install the wiring harness. Now connect the main radio harness and RCA cables to the PMX source unit and snap the dash into place. Model year 19-current Polaris® RZR® Dual amplifier mount designed to work on NA2 / TPS amplifiers. Key & Lock Mini Warehouse. This Polaris RZR windshield is made from 3/16″ of high-impact polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant hard coat that has also been UV treated. Take your sound to the next level with an Audio Amplifier. Free shipping. Disconnect the footboard led that will zip tie to an existing harness when removing the lower pocket. You can also download it directly from their product details page at You’ll notice that the kit comes with two amplifier plates. 7075 Pro XP Capped Billet Front Knuckle Set - ZRP Pro Series. Built for 50” trail riders seeking a great value. For best results, have your system installed by our professionals. To get started zip tie the harnesses to the factory wiring bundle that's close to the firewall. Once that is done, replace the gromit. We carry complete audio packages for your RZR Side-by-Side. The two terminals mean it's dual voice coil, but the enclosure only has one set of wires. Sale Price: 1,850.00 Original Price: 1,950.00. sale. Once you get the subwoofer wired and loaded, mount the enclosure in place, connect the harness and run it to the center of the dash. AudioFormz MM Multi-Mount Series 800.2 2x400 RMS 2 channel digital amplifier powers two to four speakers or bridged subwoofer (760 RMS watts bridged) Add up to three (3) amps to power stereo top speakers or power optional tower speakers or external mounted subwoofers with dedicated wiring from top As you probably noticed, when removing the lower dash, two additional t40 screws were hiding that had to be removed. Note that they also include two foam strips for the lower dash clips that fit the receptacles in front of the enclosure that eliminates vibration while keeping the panel in place. The first thing to do is use a 10 millimeter socket to remove the lower pocket bracket. First, remove the safety handle then use a t40 to remove the lower pocket. EXTREME AUDIO POD MOUNTING BAR • Provides additional mounting locations for RZR® 900 MY 15-17 BUILD YOUR OWN Now get ready to make connections between the speakers and amplifier. 300 Watt two channel full range class D amplifier & mount brings 2 x 125 watts at 4 Ohm and 2 x 150 watts at 2 Ohm. Then all you'll need to do is connect the blue wire to turn the amplifier on and off. Integrated wiring connects directly to busbar and waterproof JST signal input connects to other Polaris Engineered™ audio products. Now it’s time to install the speakers. Performance RZR Audio. 4-seat Xtreme Performance at an unbeatable price. Now get ready to install the Rockford Fosgate main power harness. RZR14-K8 The new 3rd generation single amplifier installation kit features a Color Optix™ Ready wiring harness with 8 gauge power and ground cables with an M5-800X4 compatible amplifier bracket for select RZR® models. categories: amps, rzr 1000xp 4 seat 2014/2018, sxs audio systems, sxs audio systems tags: 1000, 900, xp1000, xp1k, xp1k4. Use (3) supplied self threading T-40 Torx bolts to mount the amplifier bracket to existing holes in the vehicle. Therefore the 1st rocker switch would be the large 30 amp grey wire, and then so on and so forth. The unit includes hardware to surface mount, flush mount, or clamp mount the device based on application. At this point get ready to mount the amplifier. Remote Output $70.00 $75.00. Build your system the way you want by starting with the 2019+ Triple Amp Mount and Ride Command Regulated Harness, then add additional power kits and Ride Command add an Am The newest, most powerful and most versatile RZR ever built (64”). 6.5” coaxial speakers with RGB lighting (RZR-14-FS) Four-channel amplifier (MUD100-4) Compact mono-block amplifier (MUD600-1) 10” subwoofer (RZR-14-SW: 6.5” cage-mount coaxial speakers with RGB lighting (MUD65PL) RZR 75 amp Alternator Kit. Simply clamp on the pre-installed speakers and pre-tuned amplifier with the included vehicle specific plug & play wiring harness. On Sale. Turbo S Switch System Power Harness Configuration. Rockford Fosgate RZR Stage 3 Audio System Installation, Rockford Fosgate Polaris RZR Audio Kit, 2014 - Current (Stage 3), This will keep them away from the subwoofer and prevent them from rattling. Position the plate on to the subframe and reuse the bolt from the lower pocket bracket to secure it into place. $24.99 + Add to Cart | See Details & Images. Bracket fits underneath dash and attaches to factory mounting points. They have the free amp tuning guide that's downloadable here: Eric Russell from Rockford Fosgate showed how to install the purpose built Rockford Fosgate RZR Stage 3 audio system. Pull the wiring harness through the tunnel back to the battery location. 326BT 2000W EQ 110V bluetooth Power Amplifier Home Stereo 2Ch AMP FM Radio SD US. Now start off using Rockford’s half-inch socket to remove the lower bolt from the side of the subframe. Trying to install an amplifier with your Ride Command System? With the amplifier mounted and RIDE COMMAND adapters in place you can now wire the amp up to the speakers. This item Polaris Rzr 2019+ Triple Amp Mount SSV Works Amplifier Wiring Kit w/ Mounting Brackets for Polaris RZR SSV Works RZ4-2KRC 2019 and Up Polaris RZR Turbo S Plug & Play 2 Speaker Kit with Kicker 6.5" Speakers for Vehicles with Ride Command Only,1 Pack Now when that is done get ready to reinstall the lower dash. When done with that get ready to install lower speaker pods. Polaris RZR 2019+ Triple Amp Mount $70.00 $80.00. The 2883738 MB Quart RZR Dash Amplifier will install as normal and would replace the current amplifiers mentioned in this article. ... 6.5'' 6.5inch Roof Mount Overhead Speaker Pods Pod Enclosure For Polaris RZR UTV. Here are the best and most useful upgrades we could find. Customize your own RZR with accessories and packages. Once everything is aligned go ahead and tighten everything down. The RIDE COMMAND to JST adapter will still be required. Use a 10-millimeter nut driver to connect the red wire to the accessory terminal and the black wire to the ground terminal. The new subwoofer enclosure is a cool all-new design that's ported for higher bass output. Polaris RZR Bluetooth Overhead Audio Sound Bar, 2-Channel Amplifier, 2 Cage Mounted Speakers, and Amplified Subwoofer Designed to Fit Multiple 2014-2018 Polaris RZR Models $1,656.55 $1,569.60 The rear door speaker kit includes a harness splitter that will allow the amplifier … Once everything looks good, go ahead and finish reassembling and get the RZR back out on the trails. Once all those are removed, go ahead and pull the dash off. Read: Where to Buy Boston FX6 2 Way Automotive Speaker System Reviews Looking for Buy Boston FX6 2 Way Automotive Speaker System?Here is the place for you to shop for buy Boston FX6 2 Way Automotive Speaker System in special value. When done with that, remove the lower dash so it's easier to see the radio installation process. Now it’s time to get the subwoofer wired and loaded. RAM Mounts is the industry leader in mobile mounting solutions. Get it before it's gone! USB & Auxiliary Flush Mount Adapter for Source Units $30.00 $35.00. description reviews (0) description. No soldering, no cutting, no crimping! The Extreme Audio Pods can also be added to the Dynamix machines. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.

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